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Why should I buy my new car from PAL and not a traditional franchise dealership?

PAL does all the leg work and secures a lease or purchase for you and makes arrangements for delivery of the vehicle. The real myth is that dealerships are the primary source of the automobile industry when in fact the real sources are the manufacturers. PAL is the consumer’s advocate and acts as the consumer’s agent in the process of a car purchase. We will save you time and money and enhance your car buying experience. In addition to new car sales and leasing, we carry a diverse inventory of pre-owned vehicles, and offer financing, insurance, warranty programs and accessories for all vehicles.


Does PAL offer financing on new and pre-owned vehicle?

Yes. In addition to financing through manufacturer companies, PAL has relationships with numerous lenders secures financing with the most favorable rates available in the financial markets.


Can I lease or purchase a vehicle with flawed credit?

Yes. Because we work with countless banks, and are a multi-brand dealership, the likelihood of being approved for a vehicle lease or purchase are increased even in cases where credit may be a hindrance.


Can I trade-in my current vehicle?

Yes. Whether you own, are leasing or financing your current vehicle, you may trade it in for another vehicle of your choice. Initially, your vehicle will be appraised and once the value of the vehicle is determined, you will have several options to choose from in handling the trade.


Do all PAL Pre-Owned vehicles have warranties?

All our pre-owned vehicles will carry remaining manufacturer warranty, extended warranty or the option to purchase additional warranty based on your needs.




What is MSRP?

The MSRP is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price which is what is posted on the window of a vehicle. Because it is a “suggested price”, the dealer has the freedom to sell the vehicle either above or below this price. This does not include options, destination charge or other fees.


What is the Sticker Price?

Total Price or “Sticker Price” is the total retail price of the vehicle that includes MSRP, additional options, destination charge and any adjustments which may include premiums.


What are Market Adjustments?

Market adjustments are “Premiums” added to certain “Hot” vehicles that are in high demand. These premiums are added to the vehicles price and usually vary from dealer to dealer. Premiums are an additional way for dealers to make a profit on vehicles that are short in supply and high in demand.


What is the Dealer Invoice Price?

Unlike the MSRP, the invoice price is not shown on the window sticker of a vehicle. The invoice price is what is printed on the dealer’s invoice from the manufacturer. Because this is not always what the dealer paid for the vehicle, buying the vehicle at invoice doesn’t necessarily translate into savings. PAL can show you the dealer invoice price on every vehicle, all you have to do is ask.


Will I be able to take advantage of available rebates offered on vehicles?

Rebates are incentives available to the buyer directly from the manufacturer. Therefore you will get the same rebate no matter where you purchase the vehicle or what price you purchase it for.


What is included in the down payment?

The down payment consists of the drive off and any additional amount that will reduce the monthly payment of the vehicle.


What is included in the total drive off?

The total drive off is not the same as a down payment. The total drive off typically consists of the first month’s payment, registration, licensing and any other applicable fees.


Can I trade-in my current vehicle?

Yes. You can trade-in a vehicle that you own, are currently financing or leasing. Your vehicle will be inspected and appraised. PAL will help you get the most money for your vehicle.

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